I just read [your edits] and I think you are a genius.... Phenomenal job!" —Mike M. (editing: novel) "Outstanding job. I'm amazed how you added a richness to my story. I also appreciate your honest critique." —George C. (editing: short story) "You have a wonderful eye and an uncritical style. Thank you for both!" —Nicole D. (editing: dissertation)   You did a marvelous job with editing and putting it all together so cohesively without much instruction. I cannot thank you enough for this quick turnaround!" —Amber L. (writing: application essay)   I am extremely happy with the revised manuscript and query letter. It is clear that you researched the town and used words appropriate to the period. The transitions between sentences were exactly what I was looking for. The rewrites and added words all enhanced the story, and the questions referred back to me were appropriate.I also like the query letter [which] shows the thought that went into the reading and editing. I am very happy." —Helen W.(editing: memoir; writing: query letter)”

— Client Comments & Testimonials


MAX GORDON probably wrote and illustrated her first story the day she learned to hold a crayon—and she’s been scribbling ever since. After earning a master’s degree in writing and publishing from USC, she worked in publishing, typesetting, marketing, design, and procrastinating, but has never stopped being a writer. She has one son (the light of her life) and a partner (the soundtrack of her life), and lives contentedly wherever there’s waterfront, WiFi, and great coffee.


Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences.

—Sylvia Plath




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